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Welcome to Turbofluid

TURBOFLUID PROJECTS is a multi-disciplinary engineering supply company. Established in 1997, The company has provided services throughout South Africa and internationally.

We offer a comprehensive service in the supply, installation, repair and maintenance, and technical back-up for all types of pumps and steam turbines.

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Our Products

Flowserve Flowserve products move, control and protect the flow of materials in some of the world’s most critical industries. Ever more complex processes, together with growing demands on plant flexibility and safety, require the use of highly advanced universal plant components. With a complete range of pumps to cater for any pumping application, Flowserve offers a product spectrum which satisfies these demands to a high degree.
Eagle Our Eagle range of pumps offer cost effective, reliable, high quality pumps for all types of pumping applications, from minimal processing, the power industry and general industry. Eagle Slurry pumps conform to Din 24255/56 and are available in cast iron, bronze, stainless steel and Alloy 20. Sizes range from 32mm to 300mm with heads, to 150m and flows up to 1500m³/h.
High-Vac Hi-Vac liquid ring vacuum pumps are built to high quality standards. Reliable, heavy duty design and built to rigid standards. Hi-Vac liquid ring vacuum pumps are available in different materials to suite just about any application. Standard sealing is packed gland, with mechanical seals available. With a choice of 35 models and ranging in capacity from 18m³/h to 12500m³/h at a vacuum of 25mm HG (absolute).
pompes broquet
Pompes Broquet Broquet pumps are well known for their superior handling of viscous liquids. With superior suction lift capabilities, coupled with extraordinary reliability and high efficiency. Broquet pumps use the common principle of positive displacement to move magmas, Sucre, visosite, chocolate and most highly viscous fluids to sensitive fluids. Pump ranges from 2.5” to 12” and presses up to 20 barG.
Elliott For nearly a century, Elliott steam turbines have earned a reputation as the most rugged, reliable and versatile drivers in the industry. Combining engineering expertise, rugged designs and precision manufacturing, Elliott steam turbines are built to perform and endure years of continuous service. These powerful workhorses provide exceptional value and performance in a broad range of processing, mechanical and power generation applications, around the clock and around the globe, in environments of every extreme.
Pompes Broquet Coppus portable ventilators have been recognised as reliable and powerful industrial air moving equipment. This equipment is designed to meet the demands of safety and maintenance personnel around the world in refineries, chemical plants, steel mills, paper mills, utilities, fabricating shops and a host of other industries including construction, railroads, airlines, ship building, marine, food and beverage processing.
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