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coppus | coldfront evaporative cooling kit

COLDFRONT - Evaporative Cooling Kit

Evaporative cooling has been recognized for years as an economical and efficient way to reduce ambient temperatures in high heat stress environments. COPPUS has harnessed the power of evaporative cooling with its Industrial COLDFRONT and Compact COLDFRONT kits.

Industrial COLDFRONT

Transforms high-velocity COPPUS fans into "super coolers" capable of reducing high ambient temperatures up to 40 degrees Fahrenheit (22 degrees Celsius).


  • Heavy-gauge, powder-coated steel enclosure
  • 10-inch pneumatic wheels and front-locking caster for easy mobility
  • High-pressure, quick-connect hose
  • Heavy-duty, 1,200 PSI triplex bronze pump accommodates up to six misting rings
  • 5 micron water filter
  • Kit includes: 25-foot high pressure hose, 20-inch or 16-inch stainless steel misting
    ring with six replaceable .008 misting nozzles

Evaporative cooling with a COPPUS COLDFRONT is ideal for:

  • Equipment and process cooling in high-heat applications
  • Cooling large, open manufacturing or warehouse areas
  • Setting up indoor or outdoor "cool-down" stations
  • Dust and odour suppression
  • Adding moisture in dry manufacturing environments to improve the process and
    reduce potential hazardous static electrical charges

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