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coppus | air-driven reaction fans

Air Driven Reaction Fans

Rugged, cast aluminium housing and fan blade make these fans ideal for hazardous locations and demanding ventilation projects. The RF design utilizes action-reaction principles; compressed air is discharged through nozzles located at the tip of the fan blades providing extremely efficient, high-volume, low maintenance air movers.


  • 11,000 to 16,900 cfm (18,689 to 28,713 m3/hr) at 80 psig
  • Use for fresh air supply or fume exhaust
  • Can be carried or rolled to job site
  • Spark resistant cast aluminium housing and fan blade
  • Permanently lubricated bearings
  • Flanges mate with 20-inch (508mm) and 24-inch (610mm) API tank opening

Swing-Out Assembly

Personnel and equipment egress or entrance to tanks and vessels can be achieved quicker, easier and safer with the RF-20/24 and CP-20 Swing-Out. Mounts to standard API 20-inch or 24-inch tank openings. Swing-out gate, constructed of cast aluminium, is held in closed position with industrial strength hook and loop fastener that can be easily opened and closed by pulling or pushing on Swing-Out.


  • 2,100 to 5,100 CFM (3,566 to 8,665 m3/hr) at 80 psig
  • Use for fresh air supply or fume exhaust
  • Low compressed air consumption
  • Spark-resistant, cast aluminium housing and fan blade
  • Virtually maintenance free
  • Permanently lubricated bearings eliminate line oiler
  • Cast in handles and feet
  • Cast in bead to accept 12-inch and 16-inch duct
  • Bolt holes allow attachment of optional adapter plates
Air Driven Reaction Fans
Air Driven Reaction Fans

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