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elliott industries | liquefied natural gas (LNG)

Liquefied Natural Gas

Elliott Refrigeration Compressors for Liquefaction Service

Economically successful production of liquefied natural gas (LNG) depends largely on selecting the optimum components for each step of the complex and costly liquefaction process. This is especially true for the compressors which operate under the extreme demands of liquefaction service. Since the very beginning of commercial LNG production, experienced LNG design and process engineers have specified Elliott compressors and related equipment to optimize plant productivity and profitability.

In 1964, Elliott supplied compressors for the world's first base load LNG plant in Alaska, and has continued to be a leading supplier of refrigeration compressors for liquefaction service. Among our many notable achievements in the LNG industry are the following firsts:

  • The world's first large-scale LNG plant (Algeria)
  • The world's first single mixed refrigerant process (Libya)
  • The world's first dual shaft, gas turbine-driven units (Indonesia)
  • The world's first Frame 7 driven units (Qatar)
  • The world's first dual mixed refrigerant process (Russia)

For critical LNG service applications, LNG plant operators turn to Elliott for refrigeration compressors and the expertise gained over more than 50 years of proven experience.

  • Over 100 Elliott compressor casing installations in LNG plants around the world
  • Over 70 million tons per annum (MTPA) of LNG capacity

At our headquarters location in Jeannette, Pennsylvania, Elliott has one of the world's largest turbomachinery test stands. Before a compressor is shipped to the plant site, the entire LNG compressor string is assembled and full load tested with the customer's selected driver. Elliott's rigorous testing ensures optimum compressor performance and reliability prior to installation and startup

Liquefied Natural Gas

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