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Power Generation

Energy efficiency through available resources

Power Generation continues to be a developing growth market challenged by the increasing demands for electrical energy worldwide. Renewable energy resources, optimal use of conventional sources and utilization of alternative fuels are dominating the power generation landscape, forcing re-evaluation of energy production methods. Additionally, deregulation, public resistance to new generating facilities, environmental concerns, new technologies and alternative sources of supply have all complicated supplier selection, pricing and channels of distribution.

For customers with steam systems or the economic justification to create one, advances by the Elliott Company in steam turbine design and applications of steam turbine generator sets provide design opportunities for customers looking to maximize ALL their available resources to achieve energy efficiency. Whether the need is for continuous or standby power, Elliot can provide highly efficient solutions for power generating facilities using fossil, nuclear, hydroelectric, geothermal, solar thermal, municipal waste and wind as their generating fuel sources.

Power Generation

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