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fairbanks morse | horizontal split case fire pumps system - electric motor driven

Horizontal Split Case Fire Pump System - Electric Motor Driven


Horizontal split case, double-suction, UL Listed, FM Approved, mounted on a common base with and flexibly coupled to an electric motor. Pump sized for rated capacity and head. Also must be capable of producing 150% rated flow at not less than 65% rated head and not to exceed 140% rated head at a shutoff or noflow condition.

Electric Motor:

UL Listed or FM Approved motor sized so as to not overload at any point on the pump hydraulic curve as per NFPA #20. Motors are open-drip proof type with a 1.15 service factor wound for the correct voltage. Motor to be compatible with the type of controller (i.e., starting characteristics).


Flexible type, sized to transmit the horsepower requirements of the pump. Coupling shall be furnished with an OSHA-design coupling guard.


Fabricated steel design base capable of adequately supporting the weight of the pump and driver. After pump has been fully piped and accurately aligned with the motor, the base should be fully grouted into place.


Electric motor controller starts the motor automatically on a loss of system pressure. System pressure is monitored via a sensing line from the system side of the check valve. Controller can also be manually started. The type of motor starting, and therefore the type of controller, varies depending upon the specifics of the application. Common types of controllers include: across-the-line, primary resistor, part-winding, wye-delta, auto-transformer, and soft start. Controllers are UL Listed and FM Approved specifically for fire pump service.

Standard Accessories:

Accessories furnished with the fire pump system include: suction and discharge gauges, casing relief valve and automatic air release valve. Other accessories commonly furnished as part of the fire pump package include: hose valve manifold with hose valves, caps and chains, flowmeter, main relief valve and enclosed waste cone, ball drip valve, eccentric suction reducer concentric discharge increaser.

Jockey Pump:

Jockey pump keeps pressure in the system to prevent the main fire pump from operating to maintain system pressure. Jockey pumps are generally a few gallons per minute sized to overcome small system leaks and typically sized for 10 PSI greater than the rated pressure of the main fire pump. Jockey pumps are not required to be UL Listed or FM Approved.

Jockey Pump Controller:

Starts the jockey pump across the line by sensing the system pressure via a sensing line from the system side of the check valve. This sensing line must be independent from the main fire pump controller sensing line. Controller is sized per the jockey pump motor horsepower and voltage. Jockey pump controllers are UL Listed specifically for this service.

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