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Long established as a leading fire pump manufacturer, Fairbanks Morse Pump offers a broad range of horizontal split case, vertical in-line and vertical turbine designs over a wide range of rated capacities and pressures…pumps for every fire pump application. Split case and vertical turbine pumps have the option of being driven via either an electric motor or diesel engine, and are furnished as a complete package with controller, jockey pump and its controller, as well as standard fire pump system accessories.

Units are Underwriters Laboratories Listed and Factory Mutual Approved specifically for fire pump service continually meeting their stringent inspection, testing and record-keeping standards. Split case rated capacities range from 250 GPM through 5000 GPM, vertical in-line rated capacities range from 50 GPM through 750 GPM, and vertical turbine fire pumps cover 250 GPM through 4500 GPM, all with a wide range of rated pressures.

The Fairbanks Morse Pump sales family includes highly qualified distributors and representatives well versed in fire pump systems, who provide prompt and accurate quotations, submittals and acceptance testing as required. These sales professionals stand ready to address and meet your fire pump needs, and are backed by many years of factory knowledge and experience.

horizontal split Case virtical in-line vertical turbine
Horizontal Split Case Virtical In-Line Cold Front
horizontal split case fire pump system - diesel engine horizontal split case fire pump system - electric motor packaged fire pump systems
Horizontal Split Case Fire Pump System - Diesel Engine Driven Horizontal Split Case Fire Pump System - Electric Motor Driven Packaged Fire Pump Systems

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