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fairbanks morse | packaged fire pump systems

Packaged Fire Pump Systems

When the application calls for a completely packaged fire pump system, Fairbanks Morse Pump has the capability to meet these requirements. Systems include the pump, driver, controller, jockey pump and jockey pump controller all mounted on a common base. Controller is pre-wired to the driver, sensing lines are pre-piped from the controllers to the system side of the check valve, and suction and discharge piping is piped to the edge of the common base. Isolation valves, check valve, and test header piping (and/or flowmeter piping) can be supplied as required. For diesel engine driven units, the package would also include the mounting of the fuel tank, piping of fuel lines to the engine and connection of batteries to the engine.

Should your requirements include the packaged fire pump system to include an enclosure, Fairbanks Morse Pump can provide the protective structure to house the system. Packaged systems can be designed for use with horizontal split case, vertical turbine or vertical in-line pump designs.

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