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pompes broquet


BROQUET pumps have ben highly known for the past 130 years as fully suitable for handling viscous or pasty liquids, even for long pipes, even when high suction power is required. These advantages are combined with extraordinary reliability and high efficiency.

Inspired from the external gear pump principle, Pompes BROQUET have developped ranges of machine per industry and per application, thanks to a constant research effort. In consequence, every range is fully adapted to the application for which it is developed, with for example:

  • Sugar factories for syrups, greens and molasses,

  • Sugar factories for crystallisation liquids (magmas and massecuite),

  • Chocolate factories (from cacao butter to the high cocoa content masses),

  • Chemical and petrochemical industries, with for example polymerizing mixtures,

  • Food industries, for viscous and sensitive products.
Pompes Broquet

Pompes Broquet
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