Fire Pump Repairs and Maintenance

At Turbofluid, we are able to offer fire pump repairs at each of our branches countrywide as well as field services options where we are able to deliver routine maintenance and repairs onsite. It is imperative to keep your fire pump regularly serviced and in excellent condition to ensure that your firefighting system is always in working order.

Our main factory in Kwa-Zulu Natal, houses the largest pump performance test bay facility of all our branches. We are able to test in accordance with ISO9906 standards in this factory. We also have smaller service centres at every one of our branches.

Contact Turbofluid today 031 700 2525 to discuss your fire pump servicing requirements.

Fire Pump Inspection and Services

Fire pumps and fire pump systems should be inspected weekly by a trained member of staff, but detailed maintenance and repairs should be carried out once or twice a year.

Get in touch with the Turbofluid team today – we are one of the leading fire pump repair companies in South Africa. Not only do we offer a wide range of pump products, but we have a skilled servicing and maintenance team across the country to service our customers regularly.

Onsite & Offsite Fire Pump Servicing

Whether you require fire pump replacement parts or general servicing and maintenance, call the Turbofluid team today. We offer fire pump repairs both onsite and offsite. For fabrication and repairs, we often require that the fire pump part or system be brought into out repair factory for thorough inspection and repairs. Alternatively, we can offer onsite repairs at our customer’s premises too.

Your Trusted Fire Pump Repair Experts

Looking for fire pump repairs near me? Turbofluid has service centres at every branch across the country, with our main factory housing the largest pump performance test bay facility we offer.

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How often should a fire pump be tested?

A fire pump should be inspected weekly, but regular testing and maintenance should be carried out once or twice a year.

How are fire pumps tested?

A skilled technician is trained in understanding how to test a fire pump to make sure it is in excellent working order.

How often should a fire pump be serviced?

A fire pump and a fire pump system should be serviced a minimum of once a year, but ideally twice a year for the most effective experience.

How are fire pumps maintained?

Fire pumps are maintained by having a skilled technician checking all the working parts and systems of the pump and the entire system as a whole.

Where to get fire pump repairs?

Contact Turbofluid today for all your fire pump repair requirements. We offer onsite and offsite repairs across the country.

Who provides fire pump repairs?

Turbofluid has a team of skilled technicians who are trained in how to repair and effectively maintain a wide range of pumps and systems.