API Pumps

We supply API pumps that adhere to the American Petroleum Institute standard. The pump types we offer in our quality-assured range include API centrifugal pumps, API positive displacement pumps, API process pumps as well as a variety of API 610 pumps.

Our head office is based in Durban, with service branches in Johannesburg and Secunda, and a strong client base and technical employees across the country and the region including Swaziland, Mozambique, Zimbabwe and Zambia.

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What Are API Standard Pumps?

API pumps are any pump types that have been approved by the largest US regulator for the oil and natural gas industry, the American Petroleum Industry.

API 610 is a standard relating specifically to centrifugal pumps that was also create by the American Petroleum Industry. Not only do we stock standard API pumps, but we offer a range of API 610 pump types too.

API Pump Specifications

If you are in the natural gas and oil industry, you will require a range of API 610 standard pumps and other API pump types for many different applications. If you’re in need of any kind of API pumps for your operation, chat to the Turbofluid team today.

Our Range of API Pumps

Our range of API Pumps from leading manufacturers like Neptune, Mouvex, ITT Gould Pumps, Eagle Pumps, Coppus and Broquet Pumps all offer you the highest standard and quality of pump systems and types on the market.

Turbofluid is the leader in pump, pump-sets and related equipment across south and southern Africa. Our services also include repairs, field services, upgrades, fabrication, AutoCAD draughting and site audits across the industry.

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Where to buy API pumps?

You can buy API Pumps from the specialists at Turbofluid today. We are the leaders in the supply and repair of pumps, pump-sets and related equipment in South Africa.

Who supplies API standard pumps?

If you’re looking for American Petroleum Industry standard pumps for a variety of applications, chat to the team at Turbofluid today.

What is an API pump?

An API pump is a pump that has been regulated to fit the American Petroleum Industry standard for pumps which regulates the natural gas and oil industries.

What is an API 610 pump?

API 610 is the standard specifically relating to centrifugal pumps, as advised by the American Petroleum Industry.

What is the difference between API pumps and ANSI pumps?

API stands for American Petroleum Industry and is a standard related specifically to the oil and natural gas industry. ANSI is the American National Standards Institute and also regulates the manufacturing of pumps.